The project "Seres Imaginários" (Imaginary Creatures) aims to, first hand, train a group of 10 teenagers selected by Casa do Cacete, from different villages of Santa Luzia do Itanhy / SE, to learn new techniques in visual arts and to develop a different way of seeing the beauty and elements of the mangrove ecosystem. Then, in the second semester, each of these students will become a multiplier of those learned techniques for 100 new students under the supervision of Casa do Cacete and IPTI.


Furthermore, there will be three workshops led by Ronaldo Fraga and Miro Dantas, both Brazilian famous and talented artists. So, as a result of this process, we expect to launch a collection in partnership with Ronaldo Fraga at São Paulo Fashion Week, in October 2021, as well as a new collection of products of Casa do Cacete.


From the 8th to the 11th of March, we successfully carried out the first stage of the project, but now we have the challenge of raising $30,000 to make all the costs involved in this experience feasible. Therefore, we count on your support to donate to our project and to share what we have done with your friends.


Through the photos below, you can already keep track of the results of Workshop #01, an incredible experience that will leverage a series of benefits for young people and teenagers in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, also, to open up the possibility of new jobs and other income opportunities.


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